Here are some recent reviews from our "Marvellous Mayfair" walk:

"We have just been taken on an unforgettable tour of 'Marvellous Mayfair'. We have learned bits of History that explain all the nuances and intricacies of Mayfair, from the role of the English Royal Family to influence of the Americans. We invited an American guest to come with us, and they found the whole tour fascinating. Well done Linda and Debs for making the walk stimulating and fun. We will certainly be returning to sample other tours offered by Walk The Talk London."  Sarah

"Went on the 'Marvellous Mayfair' tour. An eclectic blend of ancient and contemporary royalty and celebrity, juxtapositioned against a backdrop of awesome architecture on the endlessly fascinating, interwoven streets of Mayfair - and the scene is set for an intriguing tour, expertly narrated, bringing to life history, culture, nursery rhymes, fables and folklore. You will be transported."  Wendy

"This was a fantastic walk that took us around some of the key highlights in Mayfair and showed us some hidden secrets! Both guides had a wealth of knowledge about the history of the area and often related their featured locations to key news events or celebrity encounters, which made their stories even more interesting! The group was also very good; a mix of both old and young, and we were well looked after throughout. It was exciting to spend time doing something a little different, yet very worthwhile! I would thoroughly recommend Walk the Talk to anyone who wants to learn more about London - whether you are visiting for the first time or have been a resident for many years!"  Laura

"Two hours well spent and crammed with intriguing facts that bring to life those names and places you have heard about all your life from childhood nursery rhymes to present day espionage. If you have an enquiring mind, a passion for history, architecture, music, the arts and perhaps not averse to a little gossip then this is THE tour for you.Come rain, hail or shine you could not fail to leave the tour wishing it had lasted longer.London scenes brought to life."  Gloria

"Went on the Mayfair walk - really interesting and amusing - as well as the usual places you can find in guidebooks (Claridges, US Embassy, Purdey's, Shepherds Market etc.) we were also taken down quirky backstreets and saw unusual places with historical, topical or celebrity connections that you wouldn't normally find yourself.Lived in London all these years and yet found much I didn't know about. Well researched and a good group of people."  Chris

"We much enjoyed your Mayfair tour on Saturday. Between the two of us, we have lived in Westminster for over 70 years.  The presentation, organisation and very interesting talking, from which we heard some to us 'new' stories about our City and round many a corner was a bit of Westminster that we had not seen. All told a very interesting and enjoyable tour. Well done both the Partners. Very professional."  Marian

"One of Georgian London's Gems.  An area of enormous wealth and beauty but skulduggery is just around the corner! A most enjoyable walk of intrigue, gambling, poisoning and the gentry."  Mary